Give Your AC Unit A Break

Call for whole-house fan installation services in Roseville, CA

If you're facing expensive energy bills, a whole-house fan can help you lower the costs. Anthony Sanchez Electric provides whole-house fan installation services in Roseville, CA and the surrounding areas.

A whole-house fan can cool your home efficiently and work in place of your AC unit. This equipment pulls hot air from your home and replaces it with cool, fresh air. Our whole-house fans also work faster than central air conditioners. You'll begin to feel the affects of your fan within minutes of cutting it on.

We're offering 10% discounts on whole-house fan installations through May of 2019.
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Enjoy the benefits of a whole-house fan

Why schedule whole-house fan installation services from Anthony Sanchez Electric. Whole-house fans are:

  • More energy-efficient than central air systems
  • Eco-friendly and capable of removing stale air from homes
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Quiet because they are installed in attics

Get in touch with us today to discuss the benefits of whole-house fans in more detail.