Is It Time To Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Schedule electrical panel upgrade services in Roseville, CA

Anthony Sanchez Electric specializes in electrical panel replacement services in Roseville, California. Faulty electrical panels can cause circuit overloads and, in extreme cases, fires. We can prevent these issues from occurring by replacing your outdated electrical panel. Our electrical panel upgrades take one day to complete, and the Zinsco electrical panels we install are extremely reliable.

An electrical panel upgrade for your Roseville, CA home will provide the power your electrical system needs to operate efficiently. It can protect your building from an electrical fire, reduce your energy bill and increase the resale value of your property.
A panel upgrade is needed when the existing panel is or has the potential to cause danger to your home. Based on the year that your home was built you could have an old fuse panel with inadequate amperage or not enough breaker space to accommodate your home's needs. As older homes get updated your electrical panel needs to be evaluated to make sure your panel can handle all of the additional electrical needs safely. Call 916-947-7373 today to discuss your electrical panel upgrade options with a professional.

Keep your family safe with an upgraded electrical panel

A home fire is a quick way to lose all of your home's possessions. Even if your insurance company covers fire's why put you and your family through that hassle. Keep your family safe by having your electrical panel upgraded by the professional Roseville, CA electricians at Anthony Sanchez Electric. Many home fires can be prevented when you properly maintain your electrical service panel. Depending on when your home was built you could be allowing unnecessary danger in your home with an outdated electrical panel. Upgrading your Roseville, CA homes electrical panel is not something you should try to DIY. It's a good idea to use the professional services of a licensed electrical contractor when you are ready to upgrade your electrical panel. Below are some of the signs you should give us a call to evaluate your electrical panel:

  • Existing panel is 100 amps or less
  • Your lights dim or flicker when appliances are turned on
  • You purchase and install new kitchen appliances
  • You add a home addition or finish your basement
  • Need more outlets or additional lighting installed
  • Breakers tripping frequently

Do not unnecessarily put your family in harm's way. Give the experienced electrician team at Anthony Sanchez Electric a call today. We will come out to your Roseville, CA home and evaluate your electrical panel to keep your family safe. We look forward to being your local Roseville, CA electrical contractor.

5 reasons you should replace your electrical panel

Anthony Sanchez Electric completes electrical panel replacement projects in Roseville, California and the surrounding areas. Replacing your electrical panel is a smart decision if it:

1. Is more than 20 years old
2. Has fuses instead of circuit breakers
3. Gets warm or sparks
4. Trips regularly
5. Can't power all of your electrical devices

Reach out to us right away to arrange for your electrical panel upgrade.