Do You Have An Inefficient Electrical System?

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Do you need more electrical outlets? Is your building's wiring outdated? If so, it's time to remodel your electrical system. Anthony Sanchez Electric can handle your residential or commercial electrical remodeling project in the Roseville, CA area. We can replace your wiring, install new outlets, relocate electrical fixtures and upgrade your electrical panel.

Make sure your electrical system is capable of powering up all of your electrical equipment. Arrange for electrical remodeling services today.

Electrical Remodeling in Roseville, CA

Are you considering remodeling your Roseville, CA home? If you are considering a home renovation project be sure to work with an experienced electrician you can trust. If you want to get he electrical system installed right the first time, work with the professional electricians from Anthony Sanchez Electric. For years we have been helping Roseville, CA residents with electrical remodeling. If you are upgrading your Roseville, CA home it is not recommended to do the electrical wiring yourself. There are obvious safety concerns anytime you work with electricity and you are better off working with a trusted licensed electrician. Below are some of the common hazards you can come across if you are considering a home remodeling project:

  • If your home was built before 1950 it may have substandard or outdated wiring that could pose a fire danger. Prior to 1950 in was common practice to insulate home wiring with cloth. Over time, the cloth naturally deteriorates and falls away which leaves electrical wiring exposed. This is a huge fire risk and could put your family in harms way. If you are tearing down walls this is the perfect time to upgrade your home wiring system with a local Roseville, CA electrician you can trust.
  • During the 1960's and 1970's it was a common trend to rewire homes with aluminum wiring which is also now considered a serious fire hazard. Your families safety is important and you should consider hiring a professional electrician to replace any current aluminum wiring.
  • If your home remodel requires an increase in electricity it is advised to upgrade your electrical panel. If you are getting appliance upgrades in your kitchen or getting new lighting installed in your master bathroom it is highly advisable to get a electrical panel upgrade. The more energy your home uses, the greater strain on your electrical system. To avoid future issues you should consider consulting with a professional electrician.

If you are considering a home remodel or a complete home renovation give the electrical experts at Anthony Sanchez Electric a call today. Our experienced teams of electricians can help you plan the wiring and help determine any potential upgrades that will be needed to your existing electrical system. We will work with you or your general contractor to implement an electrical remodeling plan that fits your budget and your schedule.

When to remodel your electrical system

When to remodel your electrical system

You should consider electrical rewiring services if you:

  • Can't use your electrical appliances without tripping a breaker
  • Plan on installing a large electrical appliance
  • Need more outlets or light switches
  • Have wiring that's more than 20 years old

Choose Anthony Sanchez Electric when you need electrical rewiring or panel replacement services in Roseville, CA. Call 916-947-7373 today to make an appointment.